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Discuss Faith or Religion?

What is the Difference?

Faith or religion?  I often pass a faith-based church where the marquee states: “Jesus died for your sins, not for your religion.”  The American Heritage Dictionary, New College Edition, gives one definition of religion as: “The expression of man’s belief in and reverence for a superhuman power recognized as the creator and governor of the universe.”  Another definition provided – same source – is: “Any objective attended to or pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion.”

The discussion of religion has taken on a sinister connotation over the last 50 – 60 years – especially the discussion of the Christian Faith.  Christians are under constant attack from non-believers, Islam, and others.  Islam, in my opinion, is not a religion, but a force dedicated to destruction of all who do not subscribe to their agenda.  This includes the so-called moderates.  At best it could only fit into the second definition above given in that it demonstrates no reverence for the creations of the superhuman power and His ability to manage the universe to His purpose.  Further investigation of the meanings attached to the terms “religion” and “religious” is encouraged.

If further investigation of religion and faith is done on internet resources, you will find many definitions, explanations, and opinions which serve to “muddy the water.”  Recent developments on the legal scene – hate laws – provide a means of censorship of free-speech rights and persecution of those who speak or act on their faith-based convictions.  These laws are very unjust.  They protect all manners of perversion and other societal ills through intimidation and threats of prosecution and harsh sentencing.  Pastors are denied the freedom to speak out freely about certain faith-based beliefs and convictions under threat of losing the church’s tax exemption status.  These laws should be repealed, and those politicians that supported them should be voted out of office.  Any manner of criticism of the protected groups and activities can be construed as hate crimes and convert any law-abiding citizen into a criminal for exercising their Constitutional rights.  Even if they escape conviction, they can be ruined financially in their defense efforts.

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