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Your Life Story Enriches Their Lives 

Your Life Extension

Your Life Story Can be an Inspiration for Your Family and Others

Your life story can be a forever gift to your children and grandchildren! Below is a list of questions about your life that will guide you in telling your story. Through your answers to the questions your descendants may be guided by your journey. There are many more things not covered in the list so please add all you can to tell your story of life as you have lived it. Your families will be impacted by and love you for providing these written memories. Oh, by the way, this should be handwritten so that they have your own handwriting. 


  1. Where were you born? What city, at home or hospital? How many siblings (names and birth order)?
  2. What are some of your memories of being a child? What did you play, who did you play with, where did you play? Special memories of your siblings or other close relatives?
  3. Did you have pets? Tell about them.
  4. Tell about your school years. What kind of grades did you make, favorite subject, and why, stories about any teachers, how did you get to school, what was your school like, what activities did you participate in? Tell about your friends and what were your favorite things to do?
  5. What was lifelike growing up without the technology and modern conveniences of today? What was hard and what was easy?
  6. Tell about Christmas, birthdays, trips, etc., during your childhood.
  7. Tell about your home life. What were your chores, did you have paying jobs? What were your parents like, what did they do for a living? What are some of your best memories of your mom and dad? What things did you do as a family? What were some things your mom or dad taught you that you always remembered?
  8. Did you know your grandparents and other extended family members? What are some memories of them?
  9. Was there any moment in your life as a kid up to 18 years old that you have always remembered? What was it?
  10. What were your plans after getting out of high school? What did you begin doing?
  11. How did you meet mom/dad? How long did you date, what did you think about each other, where did you go and what did you do on dates? What made you know you wanted to get married to each other? Did daddy propose as a surprise and what did he say?
  12. Tell about your wedding. What you thought and what it was like. Tell about your new life in the beginning. Where did you live, was it tough to start off, etc.
  13. What were your thoughts and feelings when you first found out you were going to be parents? How did you prepare and how was the pregnancy? What did you think when the baby came? How did your life change? How did you come up with the name and spelling of first child?
  14. Answer the same questions above for each additional child.
  15. What was parenthood like for you? For each stage of childhood, talk about some things you remember about each child – the good and the bad.
  16. Tell about your work over the years (where, what you did, how long). What was your favorite job and why? Tell about additional schooling you had (when, where, what and why).
  17. What were some of your favorite vacations? What is a vacation you would like to take that you have not been on yet?
  18. Past and present – what are some of your favorite foods, music, restaurants, movies, TV shows, hobbies, activities, etc.
  19. Tell what it has been like to be a grandparent. What do you think about your grandchildren?
  20. If you could do something over again in your life, what would it be and why?
  21. Tell about your spiritual walk.
  22. What else would you want them to know?
    1. Express your love for your family.
    2. Express your admiration for them.


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