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Donald L McElyea Resume Detail

This Donald L McElyea Resume Detail is in support of the more general description given on the referencing page.  The primary purpose of this resume is to provide background and support for the positions I take in my opinions and positions taken in the articles written and published on this site.

10/20/2003 to 03/03/2007 General Engineer.  Aviation Rockets and Missiles (ARM) Project Office, and Joint Attack Munition Systems (JAMS) Project Office, Redstone Arsenal, AL.  Senior project engineer and technical manager for guided Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) fuzes and battery.  Participated on guidance electronics Integrated Product/Process Team (IPT), fuze IPT, battery IPT, battery initiator IPT.  Participated in Army Fuze Safety Review Board (AFSRB) actions and presentations.  Involved in development of new fuzes for both guided and unguided APKWS.  Senior system project engineer and technical manager for all unguided (HYDRA-70 2.75-Inch Rocket System) APKWS warheads, fuzes, and rocket motors.  Responsible for several different types of warheads and fuzes (high explosive, multi‑purpose, submunitions, practice, smoke, flechette, flare, illumination).  Performed as engineering representative on all unguided rocket IPTs (Payload, Propulsion, ECP, All-Up rockets, M156 Warhead).  Participated in insensitive munitions (IM) activities/studies.  Involved in safety engineering activities including safe separation, arming issues and studies, and failure reviews.  Monitoring of warhead, fuse, and battery testing activities was of special interest. Responsible for Change Control Board (CCB) activities including evaluation and recommendations for disposition of ECPs, Deviations, and Waivers.  Involved in integration issues and activities.  Utilize Earned Value Metrics for contract progress tracking.
05/22/1988 to 10/19/2003 General Engineer.  Close Combat Weapons Systems (CCWS) Project Office, Redstone Arsenal, AL.  Senior system project engineer and technical manager for production TOW missiles.  Responsibilities included involvement in design, development, test, production and support of missiles, including warheads, guidance and control, software, simulation, propulsion, launchers, and firing platforms. Participated on failure investigation teams, IPTs, and Alpha contracting teams.  Evaluated and negotiated contract proposals.  Performed cost analysis and estimating.  Monitored and rated contractor performance. Evaluated engineering change proposals (ECPs) and suggestions and made approval/disapproval recommendations.  Performed as System Safety Engineer and received award for same.  Served on source selection boards and evaluated contractor risk.  Involved in Reliability, Maintainability, Quality, Shelf Life, and Logistics.  Performed surface danger zone and air safety zone analyses.  Participated in helicopter and TOW integration activities.
11/08/1987 to 05/21/1988 General Engineer.  HELLFIRE/GLD Project Office, Redstone Arsenal, AL.  Production engineer and technical manager of work involving initial production facilities, production readiness, producibility, manufacturing, statements of work (SOWs), and cost estimating.
04/06/1986 to 11/07/1987 General Engineer.  Special Management Office, Redstone Arsenal, AL.  Performed as Chief, Configuration and Data Management Division and as PMO configuration engineering expert with responsibility for overall engineering aspects of configuration identification, control, status accounting, audits, and related standardization program and the data management program (Data Management Officer).  This was a “black,” tri-service, cruise missile program.
12/30/1984 to 04/05/1986 General Engineer.  Systems Engineering and Production Directorate, Redstone Arsenal, AL. Responsibilities included evaluation and assessment of contractor performance and production operations in order to determine contractor capability to meet contractual requirements and to identify actual or potential management and production problem areas; staying abreast of state-of-the-art producibility engineering and planning, manufacturing methods, and technology.  Perform cost estimating and cost analysis.
02/04/1979 to 12/29/1984 Performed under multiple job titles.  Production and Procurement Directorate, Redstone Arsenal, AL. Industrial Engineer (08/16/81–12/29/84); General Engineer (06/08/80–08/15/81); Industrial Engineer (02/04/79–06/07/80). Determined and recommended labor elements and material for missile systems hardware production.  Included: fabrication, assembly, inspection, test, engineering, quality engineering, system and project engineering, management, organization, facility layout, standards, efficiency, personnel, and production control to include planning and schedule of equipment and facilities, labor, material, reporting systems, decision‑making procedures to alleviate or eliminate production problems.  Evaluated contractor technical risk, cost risk, schedule risk, feasibility of proposed effort, and relative value of competing contractors.  Participated in contract negotiations by negotiating labor, material allowances and other production factors.  Served on Should Cost teams.  Performed hardware complexity reviews.  Supported contract proposal evaluations, negotiations, and cost analysis for Project Offices (TOW, Patriot, Hawk, and Pershing).
07/1977 to 02/03/1979 Electronics Engineer.  U.S. Army Missile Research and Development Command, Technology Lab., Redstone Arsenal, AL.  Performed hardware and software work in tactical digital computer systems, display systems, data transmission systems, subsystems, components of air defense command, control, and coordination systems (CCC) for missile weapons.  Performed as member of engineering team with sole technical responsibility to insure that deployed systems perform CCC as required and designed.  Assisted in incorporating new capabilities into CCC systems.  Practical working knowledge of circuits, computer electronic configurations, displays, machine language programming required.  Provided assistance in analysis and development of approach to investigation of PATRIOT initialization.  Researched data and math methods to establish comprehensive approach to PATRIOT training system.  Developed graphical solution to coordinate transformation problem.  Received Outstanding Performance Rating (OPR) and Quality Increase (QI) in 1978.
04/07/1974 to 07/1977 Electronics Engineer.  U.S. Army Missile Command, Guidance and Control Directorate, Redstone Arsenal, AL.  Responsibilities included performance of hand calculations and numeric machine investigations to insure correct allocation of calculation accuracies; performance of investigation of timing, data flow, ground clutter, and electronic countermeasures effects.  Performed as a test director for TSQ-73 maintainability demo at WSMR.  Developed and implemented plan for test and reliability evaluation of TSQ-73 system power subsystem.  Developed Physical Configuration Audit Plan for TSQ-73 system software documentation and managed and directed audit of system software documentation.  Assisted in documenting of AN/TSQ-73 computer programs.  Received OPR and QI in 1975.
08/28/1972 to 04/06/1974 Statistician.  U.S. Army Missile Command, Directorate for Research, Development, and Engineering, Redstone Arsenal, AL.  Responsibilities included use of the techniques of industrial engineering, operations research (management science), computer science, and systems analysis to develop and maintain a computer based management information system for the Laboratory.  Performed analysis of resource requirements for past, present, and future force structures and missions.  Provided the Lab Director and his staff with statistical studies and reports.
06/1956 to 08/28/1972 VARIOUS CONTRACTORS AND OTHER EMPLOYERS 1972 May – 1972 Aug, Martin Marietta Corp., Huntsville, AL: Position; Reliability Engineer (Systems Safety).  1972 Apr to 1972 May, General Electric Co., Huntsville, AL: Position; Quality Engineer.  1966 Nov to 1972 Aug, Sears, Roebuck & Co., Huntsville, AL: Position; Credit Interviewer (part-time while at UAH full-time).  1965 Dec to 1966 Mar, General Electric Co., Huntsville, AL: Position; Quality Assurance Representative.   1962 Sep to 1965 Dec, Spaco, Inc., Huntsville, AL: Position; Instructor, Supervisory, NASA School of Reliability & Quality Assurance.   1961 Oct to 1962 Aug, US Army, Ft. Hood, TX: Position; Cryptographic & Teletype Equipment Repairman.  1959 May to 1961 Oct, Southern Associated Engineers, Huntsville, AL: Position; Electronics Technician.   1959 Feb to 1959 May, City Board of Education, Huntsville, AL: Position; Teacher, Substitute.  1956 Jun to 1959 Jan, Spiral Binding Co., Chicago, IL: Position; Bookbinder (part-time, 33 hours per week, while in school at DeVry Tech Institute full-time).


22 December 1994 AAC Level III (Senior), Manufacturing and Production
31 December 1994 AAC Level III (Senior), Systems Planner, Research, Development
27 July 1998 AAC Level III (Senior), Acquisition Logistics




Master’s Degree, 1984, Master of Administrative Science (MAS), University of Alabama, Huntsville, AL, total credit semester hours earned: 33; BSBA, 1971, Management Science (Operations Research), University of Alabama, Huntsville, AL, total credit semester hours earned : 39; BS, 1970, Physics and Mathematics, University of Alabama, Huntsville, AL, total credit semester hours earned: 163.  Associate Degree in Applied Science and Electronics Technology, 1959, DeVry Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, 2,880 classroom contact hours.




ADDITIONAL UNIVERSITY, GOVERNMENT & INDUSTRY EDUCATION: Additional courses in real estate, computer science, computer programming, software systems analysis and development, reliability and quality assurance, configuration management, logistics, cost estimating, and management/project management.



REAL ESTATE: Many courses in real estate and real estate-related subjects inclusive of real estate sales, buyer representation, appraisal, homebuilding, property management, real estate law and records, mortgage origination, insurance, construction, construction cost estimating, inspection, electrical systems, HVAC systems, and radon gas measurement and mitigation.



REAL ESTATE CERTIFICATIONS EARNED THROUGH TRAINING AND STATE EXAMINATION (ONLY THE BROKER AND HOMEBUILDER LICENSES HAVE BEEN MAINTAINED ACTIVE): Real Estate Broker: Broker license No. 050365. Homebuilder License: Alabama State Residential Homebuilder/Remodeler License No. 02006. Home Inspector: Alabama State registration/license No. HI-0017. Inspector, Housing: Southern Building Code Congress, International, professional member and certified Housing Rehabilitation Inspector (1483), Mechanical Inspector (1327), and Electrical Inspector (1538). Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contractor: Alabama State certified & licensed (96130). Radon Gas Services: EPA & Auburn University trained; measurement and mitigation. Financial & Investment Analyst: Alabama State appraiser license, and training in finance, mortgage origination, and accounting.



Management and maintenance of my own investment real estate


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